About Us
President Dental provides a deep and wide range of services & support.
*A good communication with our clients to build good customer relationship
 -Communication is the main bridge to sustain good customer relationship. For this we use every communication channel, try hard to understand our customer in every media, keep away intercultural misunderstanding, evaluate every feedback of our clients.
*Fast response to our clients
 -Fast response to all customer feedbacks & critics, to solve the problem in fastest way regarding our clients business and priorities.
*Best and flexible after sales services
 -To supply best & flexible after sales service via technological communication tools.
*Make our clients business bigger & profitable
 -We do not aim to just make a sell. We aim to make long term business relations. From start first selling activity to last one we always look for ways to make our clients/partners business bigger & profitable.
As President Dental we are doing our best to deliver the goods in the cheapest and fastest way to our  customers. 
How is the delivery of the purchased goods realized?
Depending on the customers’ choice, the goods are sent by sea, air or overland means of transportation with the most convenient way.
Our customers from neighbor countries or close geographical areas can easily come and have the chance to analyse the products closely getting every necessary knowledge and useful information through an elaborate training session
Optionally, the customers can take the goods with their own freight companies in which they have an account or agreement.
How will you give order?
You can contact us through  info@presidentdental.de , the order form will be sent.
The proforma invoice with Ex-Work München price(without freight cost) will be sent to you ASAP. Soon after your confirmation of the proforma invoice with Ex-Work München price, your order will be prepared and made ready and the proforma invoice with C&F (including freight cost) price will be submitted to you for your last confirmation.
After your money transfer, your goods will be shipped by the freight company.You will be informed about your way bill tracking number so that you will be able to track your goods on the way.
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